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Pendekar KelanaA Tale about Courage, Sincerity, Honesty and Love

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PENDEKAR KELANA martial arts theatre, staged at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on Thursday and Friday, 7 & 8 July 2011. The performance is based on the mastery of Merpati Putih traditional martial arts or silat, which will be performed by Merpati Putih martial artists. Gelar, who has been active in promoting Indonesian arts and culture through its performing arts productions since 1999, involved many young talented Indonesian traditional performing artists such as Atien Kisam, to be the director of the play. Young prominent choreographer, Wiwiek HW,as well as promising composer, Joko ’Porong’ Winarko, also took a major role. Both of whom have been widely acclaimed for their works and collaborations with Indonesian prominent choreographers such as Deddy Luthan, Elly Luthan, and Eko Supendi. As the custodian of Merpati Putih martial arts is Nehemia Budi Setyawan, the heir of Merpati Putih legacy.

For the first time, Indonesian martial arts / silat will be staged in a performing arts format, aiming to introduce traditional self-defense artistry to urban generations. In “Pendekar Kelana”, Merpati Putih presents its silat techniques, steps, and series of movement through a medium of non-verbal performance, emphasizing on the martial arts bodyworks as well as its recognizable inner-strength attractions. Therefore, martial arts choreography holds a critical point. Besides dynamic composition of movements, the story-telling uses non-verbal comedy as a platform, scored by a contemporary traditional orchestra using local traditional and modern musical instruments. Audience involvement that will take place during the play creates interactivity which made “Pendekar Kelana” an entertaining experience for audience of all-ages, not only suitable for Indonesian audience, but international audience as well.



Showcasing 'Human Technology' on Stage 
Merpati Putih utilizes natural human inner-strength, generated through breathing techniques. For ordinary people, this natural strength could be seen and used only during urgent situations. For instance, one could jump a high fence instinctively in fear situation when chased by a dog. In a normal situation, they could not believe that they are capable of doing it. By practising martial arts, ones are trained to utilize this extra inner-strength which is naturally stored within every human body, in normal condition regardless when or where. Normally, cells inside the human body produces Adenosine Triphospate (ATP), which is actually reserved energy. Through breathing techniques, this hidden energy could be gained and used. There are many breathing techniques of silat which generates the power of vibration. Besides absorbing energy from human body, the power or energy of vibration could also be absorbed from the Earth, or even taken from objects in the universe (e.g. star, sun or moon). Until recently, the inner-strength skills which emphazise in energy and vibration of Merpati Putih, has been researched scientifically for therapeutic purposes, to help blind people to be able to recognize form and colors, read, and more over, make daily-life easier for the blinds.

Merpati Putih methodology has been researched scientifically since the beginning of Operasi Seta, a military operation in 1972. Then, followed by further research by specialized physicians of Yayasan Jantung Sehat (Foundation for Healthy Cardio) analyzing the effect of practising Merpati Putih vibration and breathing methods. Merpati Putih vibration techniques were also tested in Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional (BATAN - National Atomic Energy Agency) to detect nuclear radiation. As the outcome, Merpati Putih vibration performed faster to detect nuclear radiation compared to the device that had been used by the agency. An experiment to detect narcotics in hidden locations using Merpati Putih vibration techniques were also conducted in Mapolda Metro Jaya (Jakarta Police Headquarters). As a result, Merpati Putih martial artists managed to find the whole amount of drugs hidden.

Just recently (2009), Merpati Putih in association with Jakarta City Government, used vibration to detect damage caused by the Ciliwung riverflow. In 2010 Merpati Putih has been in the process to co-operate with International Red Cross to become part of the search and rescue team, particularly during natural disasters.

Until today, Merpati Putih always seeks every opportunity to contribute its skills and methods trainings towards many aspect of humanity. In “Pendekar Kelana”, attractions of physical power and vibration will be showcased into an entertaining martial arts theatre.



First Indonesian martial arts theatre performance on-stage, based on the mastery of Merpati Putih traditional martial arts.

producer BRAM & KUMORATIH KUSHARDJANTO • co-producer IRA T. SOERJOSOEBANDORO, DAVID AVIANTO • creative director  BRAM KUSHARDJANTO • advisor POERWOTO HADIPOERNOMO • director ATIEN KISAM • art director & scriptwriter KUMORATIH KUSHARDJANTO • starring RANGGA AQUARISTA, ROSMALA SARI DEWI and MERPATI PUTIH MARTIAL ARTISTS • artistic consultant WIWIEK HARIE WAHYUNI • martial arts consultant NEHEMIA BUDI SETYAWAN • music director JOKO ‘PORONG’ WINARKO • martial arts choreographer INDRA YUNANDARU, DYAH RATNA AYU • martial arts assistant choreographer RANGGA, STEVEN • acrobatic trainer SIGIT SANJAYA • lighting designer SUPRIEADI • set decorator AGUS LINDUAJI • stage manager YULI BHIMAWAN • sound engineer RANGGA RISTO • marketing & production team EKO MARYANTO, AULIA, LAURENCIA ARI, M. IDRIS, BILLIE, PESDOWATI




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